Patience Please :)


Hi Everyone! As you can see, this blog is “Under Maintenence”, haha. I have my hands full & promise to have it up & running by May 1st (14′). My name is Elizabeth, but I go by it all, Liz, Beth, eLiza…Who am I?? I’m a dedicated wife (not technically married, but after 13 years I call it how it is) to a hard working, handsome man. I have 4 great kids, all with their unique, eccentricity & all with the artistic family genes! I’m a foodie & camellia seninsis connoisseur, I own my own business & am launching an apparel company later this year! 🙂 I am also a proud consumer reviewer for BzzAgent, PinchMe, HouseParty, Sample Squad, Rachael Ray’s People Panel, & this summer I will become a Moms Meet Ambassador. :)What you expect to be reading & seeing?? LOTS of goodies 🙂 ~Product & Movie Reviews~Cooking & Baking Tips, Tricks & Recipes~Fashion & Beauty ~Health, Nutrition & Exercise~Mom Stuff (Just fun to share)~DIY Stuff {Party planning, Cleaning, Arts & Crafts}Kick back, Relax & Enjoy my Blog! Love&Peace


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